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Pre & Post Treatment Care for Electrolysis

Prior to Treatment:

• Good hygiene is an important part of treatment preparations.

     - Thoroughly bathe for body work.

     - Wear bikini or bathing suit bottom for bikini line treatment.

     - No lotions, oils, deodorants or makeup on the treatment area.

• Avoid caffeine, drink plenty of water.

• Inform your electrologist if you have had any change in medication or if there is any change in your health,  

  status since your last treatment.

• Prior to each treatment, inform your electrologist of any skin reaction in your treated area. Most people 

   exhibit little or no post-treatment manifestations. Puffiness, redness, irritation or small scabs may be part of 

   the normal healing process for you (depending on the skin type). These are temporary and will disappear with 

   proper care. It takes about 24 hours for a treated follicle to begin healing and about 48 hours to complete 

   healing. For this reason, it is very important that you follow the post-treatment recommended by your 


Electrolysis After Care:

• Keep hands off treated area.
• Do not rub, scratch or squeeze the treated area as this may cause an infection.
• Do not wax, tweeze, or bleach. Cutting is preferred, so the hair wil be available for removal at your next 


• You may use clear Aloe Vera Gel or hydrocortisone cream but avoid heavy creams or makeup on the treated 


• Do not tan for 48 hours after treatment. Avoid exposure to the sun, chlorinated water or saunas.
• If needed, use cold compresses on the area to avoid excessive redness or swelling during first 24 hours.
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